Assessment, Coaching and Training

AC&T Consulting is a psychological advisory allocated in Sittard, Limburg.

For more than 20 years AC&T has supported organizations via made to measure assessments and development processes, which are primarily focussed on sustainable employability and well-being of employees. Applicating and expanding qualities of employees occupy centre stage.

AC&T starts from the combination of competencies asked by the organization and the job and the competencies possessed by the employee. Is a sufficient connection present? Which areas can be developed and what is the growth potential? Is the workload in correspondence with the employee’s resilience?

Assessments lie at the core of AC&T’s service and offer insight in behaviour, personality, employability and growth potential of employees.

In addition, AC&T is involved in strengthening personal growth of employees by coaching and training. Practical tools, connection with practice and the learning needs of the employee take a central place in these. Again, proper connection between organization and employee is what it’s all about.