Coaching is a developmental process by which the participant is stimulated to reach their full potential. AC&T supports this via personal coaching, team coaching and 360 degrees of feedback.

Coaching enables the employee to improve their efficiency and shift their personal boundaries. The approach of the AC&T coach is to focus on areas with the highest potential for improvement. Furthermore, together solutions will be discussed for aspects that have lower potential to improve. A first step can be a development assessment to gain insight in strengths, points of development and growth potential.

Coaching goes beyond perceptible behaviour. Thought and behavioral patterns are replaced with more effective patters. Insight is therefore essential, especially in unconscious processes and beliefs. Coaching is aligned with existing drivers and motivation, accelerating the learning . The goal is to exploit personal attributes optimally and cancel limitations.

In addition, the goal is that the participant better understands tasks and social processes, becomes more effective and is more engaged in things that matter in suitable and appealing ways.